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The IoT Service Kit

This kit brings designers, developers and business developers out of their digital silos to play with IoT concepts in the real world.

The IoT Service Kit is a co-creative tool for exploring user-centric interactive scenarios. The goal is to let user experience drive the process of merging physical and digital realities into successful digital services.

Less discussion more talk

Communication between stakeholders is a key element of any project, but thanks to the stakeholders’ divergent backgrounds (tech, design, business…) and goals it doesn’t always work out.

The IoT Service Kit tears down the walls between participants. Rapid iteration brings everyone up to the level and the shared mindset allows great ideas that merge the physical and digital realities into successful digital services to flow freely.

Explore various scenarios

The IoT Service Kit allows your team to explore a wide variety of scenarios.

Explore the future of Public Transportation, the next generation of Smart Houses, create Service Systems for Connected cities and much more.

You can use the kit in any scenario your project requires. It’s just up to you and your imagination is the only limit…

Well, maybe your client has a say in this.

How it works


Openness is the key of our future. This Open-Source kit was created for everyone who wants to explore IoT, and create successful digital services, in a fun and realistic way.

We are looking forward to hear your ideas on how can we expand this tool. We are also curious about the way you use it, and to see the Services you can create with it!

IoT raises new ethical challenges, demanding us to be more conscious about what we build. If you are curious about this Ethical IoT please visit the IoT Manifesto, and combine it with our kit.


Contribute to the project on our GitHub page. You will find all the files you need to print, and modify the kit as you wish.

Give your feedback and share your ideas with the community.


You can as well download the full IoT Service Kit package directly.

Contribute with your feedback and ideas on how to expand the kit.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for questions, Workshop and Event requests. For comments, ideas and iterations please use the dedicated GitHub page.

Paul Houghton

Director, Wizardry and Development @mobile_rat

Ricardo Brito

Service Designer & UX @toastedric
IoT Service Kit

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