Creating IoT Services has never been easier

The IoT Service Kit brings domain experts together out of their silos to co-create and simulate IoT concepts in the real world.

Discover How

The IoT Service Kit is a co-creative tool for exploring user-centric interactive scenarios. The goal is to let user experience drive the process of merging physical and digital realities into successful digital services.

Achieve mutual understanding

Clashes and miscommunication between differing perspectives and disciplines can disrupt workflow. The playful nature of the kit brings down walls and naturally incites communication, while rapid iteration and a shared mindset create a flow where everyone can participate on the same level

Become tangible

The world of IoT is an abstract one, and abstract concepts are difficult to talk about. Simply rearranging tokens on the IoT Service Kit blueprint enables teams to make concepts tangible by physically demonstrating those ideas.

Make complex simple

Not everyone is fully immersed into the tech world, but that shouldn’t keep people from designing with technology. The IoT Service Kit presents a comprehensive scope of current technology that enables everyone to understand and implement IoT.

The IoT Service Kit consists of three major components: blueprints, tokens and cards.


The blueprints provide a general environmental context. Create your own to fit your project’s needs.


The 3D printed tokens are physical representations of the user, touchpoints, interactions, and services. They help visualise ideas.


The game cards are divided into five categories: Sensors, Interaction, Service Cards, City Open API, and User Cards. They present a scope of technology.

How it works

Choose the enviroment

IoT is all about the context. Builduing a smart home is completely different from developing a conference venue.

IoT Sevice Kit comes with a set of popular pre-designed maps. Choose the one which fits your needs the best or create your own map.

Focus on the journey

IoT Services typically involves many different actors and participants.

IoT Service Kit tokens allow you to design detailed user journeys through your physical space

Design interactions

Service is always a co-creation and IoT service is not an exception.

ISK cards allow you to presisely design interactions between the user and the enviroment

By playing around with maps, tokens and cards you achieve a full Service Journey with at least three different outcomes.

Can't wait to test the Kit in action?


Print it yourself at any 3D printer


Start creating awesome IoT services

Prizes and honorable mentions

Winners - 2016
UX Magazine Award

Innovative Tool
or Technique"


Finalists - 2016
Service Design Award



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The project is entirely open-source

Openness is the key of our future. This Open-Source kit was created for everyone who wants to explore IoT, and create successful digital services, in a fun and realistic way.


We are looking forward to hear your ideas on how can we expand this tool. We are also curious about the way you use it and can't wait to see the services you can create with it!

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IoT raises new ethical challenges, demading us to be more conscious about what we build. If you are curious about this please visit the IoT Manifesto and combine it with our kit.

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Service Designer & UX

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Director, Wizardry and Developer

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